Wind Power Plants

UAB AREA ENERGY became the winner of Promotion Quota Auction among companies with total installed power capacity from 30 to 350 kW.



The project has been successfully developed in Liunu country, Telsiu district. Contract with German manufacturer Enercon GmbH was signed for power installation and maintenance of two new E-33 power stations. Beginning of the project is estimated on 2014 07 01. Taurages district together with “Žalia galia” has won Promotion Quota Auction and now are developing the project to install a power plant with capacity of 1500KW. Same power plant that was used in ENERCON E-66 is planned to be built. General contractor company of the project is AEIG. Estimated beginning of the project is in 2014 12.


We look forward to searching for opportunities for future investments and continuing development of the wind park.